Warwickshire Wedding Photographer

March 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hi guys, just testing our new blog feature of which I suppose I should write something , however as I sit here in my underpants surrounded by paperwork and cameras, I feel the mickey mouse ears on my head are just not cutting it, I also feel I probably shouldn't have mentioned the underpants bit, however I am the boss and I say it's fine. Perhaps what's not fine is the fact our 2 year old has just walked in wearing the same attire and said 'Silly Daddy'..........Ahh children you have to love them, I have always wanted children for 5 years, but my wife says we have to keep her forever, still, you can't have it all your own way;)

I'm joking of course, anyone thinking of A getting married, and B having children I thoroughly recommend it. Your life 'will' change drastically but also so will your outlook on life. I love my wife with my whole soul and our daughter equally, why? They really just make me a better bloke!

What about the bride on the horse? Well I had to put something about photography somewhere on the first blog! Plus who doesn't love a horse, or it could just be a massive dog?



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