Award Winning Hair Photography by Dave Perry

March 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have shot every single one of Nicola Smyth's Hair campaign's and I'm very proud to say we have won every time. 

I put this down to me and me alone.

That's right nobody helped me, in fact I could probably have done all the hair, all the cuts, all the colours, the make up, the styling and shot the pictures...... and shot and edited this video.

Pahh!!!!................I'm such a laugh!!! But at least that goes to show you how many people are involved in a shoot like this!

With thanks to 

Hair - Nicola Smyth Artistic Team 2015
MUA - Naomi Mckeever- Makeup Artist
Styling - Bernard Connolly 
Photography - Dave Perry Photography
Videography - Broken Toy Films
Josh King - Assisting


Check out the video below!

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